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Peer Review Process

The peer review process is handle by team of associate editors.
The team will work with a dedicated review panel made up of specially selected expert reviewers from across all fields of the engineering science and technology. All members of the reviewer panel will work within our terms of reference.

Phase 1: your manuscript will be assigned to an associated editor, matching its subject area to his or her knowledge and expertise. The associate editor will perform an initial assessment on the manuscript to ensure it meets the basic criteria for journal (please see the scope section)

Phase 2: The associate editor will solicit the expertise of  two or more reviewers to assess your article and submit a report. In parallel, he or she will prepare comments / a report on your paper.

Phase 3: The associate editor assigned to your work will make a decision about your manuscript based on both reports received. If the reports are conflicting or no clear decision can be made, another senior reviewers will be consulted.

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